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Info & Costs


We offer private and public retreats. The private retreat you can book for yourself and your friends/family, contact us to more information. The public retreats are happening on fixed dates and are open to everyone until all spaces are filled. The complete price of the retreats always includes preparation, healing techniques, food, accommodation, transport and plant ceremonies. 


The duration of each workshop is a minimum of 4 hours and a minimum of 5 people is necessary to run the workshop.

Planting Trees 40 € / 45 USD

Perfume Making 40 € / 45 USD


The duration of the ceremony depends on with which medicinal plant we are working. Some plants are used at night and some during the day. 

Therapies/Personal Healing Sessions

Every therapy starts with a private consultation, where the situation of the patient will be analysed and the best possible treatment will be chosen. The sessions depend on the diagnosis. 


Cancellation Policy

The organization of retreats & ceremonies involves the commitment of a lot of people and the reservation of the retreat location. As we make all the commitments to organise this well, we need your (financial) commitment too.
- By confirming your participation, your spot is reserved for you.
- Retreat: By confirming your participation, you commit to paying half of the complete retreat price as a prepayment, within 2 weeks of registering. In case you have to cancel your participation, please notice that the prepayment is non-refundable. The other half you pay at last 3 days before the retreat starts.

- Workshops & Personal Healing Sessions can be paid on the spot.


As soon as you secured your spot, you will receive more information (by email). This email includes, depending on your booking, preparation guidelines e.g. for a special diet that cleanses your body, to prepare yourself for receiving the plant medicine.

The ancient knowledge of the indigenous people and their technologies (Master Plants of Wisdom) have as their goal the health and wellbeing of humanity. For that reason, it is important to follow the advice on how to use sacred plants accompanied by a traditional guide. In no case should the plants be taken or seen as a psychedelic drug. Their use should be respected according to the history of the origin of each plant which will be taught in the ceremonies.

Part of our profits are invested in the development of the projects of our non-profit organisation Adopt Mother Earth



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