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With UBA SUA we seek to return to the first agreement which was made on this planet — to take care of humanity. We offer all our services with a pedagogy. Our pedagogy is created through the use of medicinal plants, the understanding of the MHUYSQA culture and the use of various spiritual techniques such as reiki, nonviolent communication, Biomagnetism, Natural Medicine and much more. These pedagogical technologies are designed for any type of person since they address the basic human need for personal improvement.

Amongst the healing techniques which we are using are:

Traditional Indigenous Medicine

Traditional Japanese Medicine (Reiki)

Crystal Therapy

Music Therapy


Molecular Psychology


Our techniques can be applied to heal:

Intimate Relationships, Family Situations, Problems at School or Work, Psychological Problems, Conflicts of all Kinds, Physical and Mental Illnesses, Spiritual Openings

Piedras en los pies

We offer a portfolio of services with activities for individuals and groups with a duration of several hours to several days. Our activities are designed to help you to identify your negative behaviours as well as aspects in your life which are holding you back — in order to transform all those challenges and burdens and to live in your full potential on this beautiful earth. Through introspective processes and pure consciousness, we help you to identify and eliminate negative aspects of your being so that you can transform your life. You will have the strength to overcome any type of obstacle, heal any kind of illness, come out of an emotional crisis, solve problems at work or home or find your purpose in life.

“You are the cause of the conflict, illness or problem — and therefore you are the solution.”

Piedras en los pies


Planting Trees - Heal Your Soul through Planting, Singing and Dancing

This one-day workshop aims to raise awareness of natural resources. Through the tools of sowing, singing and traditional dance, we will explore the depths of our being in order to free blocks which don't correspond to our spiritual being. The workshop aims to sensibilize the participants about the importance of sowing in our subconscious in order to have a conscious transformation. Traditional dance, sowing and planting are ancient tools with the aim to heal and open new opportunities in our life.

Healing Plant Circle - Produce Your Own Medicinal Perfume

This 4-hour workshop helps us to develop methods that help us build an intrinsic process that leads us to a state of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing, through direct contact with medicinal sweet plants and their pedagogy. We will learn alchemic methods of transforming the elements in order to elaborate medicinal perfumes - to heal our mind, soul, body and emotions. Sacred perfumes have been used for thousands of years by our ancestors for various purposes - from rituals of abundance and prosperity to perfumes for medicinal use.


Through the ceremonial use of medicinal plants, you are able to experience a process of deep personal healing. Before starting the encounter we will sit together in a word circle where we will tell you all you need to know about the process of the encounter. After this follows a self- and group-observation in order to identify possible Illnesses at a psychological, emotional and physiological level. Each participant needs to be made aware in order to guarantee an evolution of your being at various levels. Then the healing work starts. You will be supervised by the healer in charge of the ceremony on how to use plant medicine. After the healing, we will start the celebration — where we will thank the spirit for the healings that have been received. The last phase of the ceremony can be compared with a rebirth — where we will close the work with another word circle and open

up the gates of the real ceremony which is your day-to-day life. It is important o raise awareness about the lived experience so that you can identify your direct learnings and apply them to your daily life.

We offer the following sacred plant encounters:

Cacao & Corn Ceremony

San Pedro Ceremony

Yage Ceremony

Yopo Ceremony

For more detailed information about the plants and their chemistry, effects and history please contact us and we will send you more detailed information.


In our private therapies, we use several techniques to ensure the complete healing of the patient. In all our sessions we make use of the ancient technique of reiki as well as traditional indigenous medicine in combination with other alternative healing methods. We also use natural products which are made by us or provided to us by botanists from different parts of Colombia. The duration of the healing process depends on the case and will be addressed in the first consultation. 


In our ancestral medicine retreats, you will go through deep personal transformation and purification. In the course of the retreat, you will participate in various encounters with spiritual plants of wisdom. We will perform personal healings as well as apply diverse healing techniques within the group. Putting a focus on conscious education, we will also share a variety of knowledge related to the development of a conscious spirituality.


All retreats include:

Sacred Plant Ceremonies

Art & Music Therapy

Personal Healing Sessions

Herbal Cleanse & Baths

Body & Mind Detox

Offering Ceremonies to the Earth

We offer retreats of several days outside of Bogota. We will prepare traditional Colombian food connected with the Mhuysqua culture — 100% vegan & organic. All meals of the retreat are included. The retreat takes place in nature. You will have your own bed and personal space. Transport from and to the city is included.

We offer the following retreats:

2 nights 2-day "SIE" ancestral medicine retreat

5-day "GATA" ancestral medicine retreat

12-day "FYBA" ancestral medicine retreat

The ancient tradition says that all the plants have been given to us by the creator, in order to help us to take care of our lives and our earth. Through the proper use of medicinal plants, you will be able to access the history of your creation, your own origins and your lineage — in order to have a better understanding of your present. The plants help you to become fully aware of your daily actions and behaviours as well as your habits and conditionings which are harmful to you and others. You will then be led to the path of healing, where you can transform grow as a person.

With the foundation ADOPT MOTHER EARTH we have been doing research for more than 10 years about the correct use of different plants like sweet and bitter plants, plants of knowledge and medicine plants. We collaborate with health professionals of indigenous communities to create alternative therapies. Through the use of the plants of knowledge such as YAGE (AYAHUASCA), YOPO, SAN PEDRO (WACHUMA) and CACAO, as well as all the other kinds of plants, we will initiate healing processes to eradicate unhealthy conditions in various areas. We also make use of physical, psychological and emotional therapies like yoga, art therapy and non-violent communication. Before any kind of therapy takes place we evaluate each participant’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

The ceremonies and therapies are guided by experienced practitioners, traditional healers & psychologists. We will perform personal and group therapies and healings. Spanish, German and English translation is guaranteed.

For more information about availability, prices and preparation click here!

For more information about our programs don’t hesitate to contact us:


I set on a 2-year long journey from Australia to South America with the goal of experiencing the magic of the jungle and to have the opportunity to heal myself with the help of a real medicine man. I travelled through Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, visiting  different tribes and communities in search of a transformational experience trying to find something deep. My journey led me to Tibagua, a man with pure intentions & pure heart. He has the best of not only human race but the whole universe inside of him. He is a true warrior of light. I was lucky enough to experience the medicine with him as well as his positive energy and impressive knowledge. He is a true "Muisca" and you feel the spirit of the tribe and the land through him.


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