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We offer health retreats for groups and individuals where we access states of consciousness through the use of spiritual and medicinal plants. Each plant allows us to identify patterns of behaviour that are harmful to our health and thus open up the possibility of change.
At the same time, spiritual plants allow us to fully develop our spirituality in a
conscious way 


San Pedro (WACHUMA) Key to the universal water of life. The cactus from the Andean region of South America grows between 1,500 and 2,800 metres above sea level in the regions of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Chile. At the peak of its growth, it grows buds that give life to aromatic, funnel-shaped white flowers. When the San Pedro flower blooms, it is a good sign that indicates a good omen from the spirit of the cactus and the guardian gods who govern this elemental. The active component of the San Pedro is mescaline, the content of which varies from one species of cactus to another.




In the beginning of creation the gods danced relentlessly to give way to the creation of everything we know. In this way they were creating the cosmos, the planet, plants, animals and human beings, giving us the privilege of being able to enjoy all the gifts of the creation. So every time we enter into communion with the yopo we establish a bridge of direct communication between us and the creator Gods of the universe. This way this way we raise our prayers, thanks, singings and dances to honor its presence and manifestation.Father Sol created the Yopo saving in his navel but without noticing that at some point his son would find him and would make it accessible to all mankind. In this way the Yopo helps us to establish a communicative bridge between this material world and the Spiritual World (celestial World – Father Sun-Gods of Creation).



Kambo is the name given to the Giant Monkey Frog ‘Phyllomedusa bicolor’ found in the Amazon rainforest regions of northern Bolivia, western and northern Brazil, southeastern Colombia, eastern Peru, In spiritual terms, this medicine helps us to connect with our true essence. A breath of life covers our whole being, giving us the energy and vitality needed to transform the negative in our lives into a sea of gold and healing. In physical terms, our body is freed from toxins, viruses, pathogens, fungi and bacteria that cause different diseases on a physical, emotional, sentimental and spiritual level. The bioactive of the Kambo interact with receptors in the brain, causing chemical reactions which have a powerful stimulating effect on various organs of the body. It also stimulates the body’s glands and regulates them for optimal functioning. Kambo has the ability to cure various pathologies such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, migraines, blood problems, weakness, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, depression, addictions, respiratory problems, dermatological, renal, viruses, allergies, psychological conditions and various other diseases. Its effects boost the immune system to high levels and help our body to function in its natural way. At the same time, these effects have benefits at a spiritual and energetic level since Kambo aligns the energetic centres of the body. During the process with the medicine, Kambo reveals simple messages about aspects of our daily life that we need to change in order to transform negativity into light.

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