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Yakuum is a project dedicated to the processing of high-quality Cacao. Our Cacao is hand-selected & hand-processed with love. All of our recipes have an ancestral background, as they have been handed on from generation to generation. For all our products we use only raw materials from Colombian farmers & indigenous tribes. Our Cacao is a proposal to create peace in Colombia and in the whole world.

Cacao is the base of everything. We are cultivating cacao from the communities of Sierra Nevada Santa Marta (Caribbean coast), Putumayo (Amazonian jungle) and Meta (Eastern Highlands). By planting cacao, other plants are able to grow in the area and animals will be attracted. Like this, a new nature reserve can be created.

Cacao has a lot of medicinal benefits which our society does not know about. Our ancestors invested a lot of time studying these benefits - on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. From them we learned how to prepare our cacao in order to always deliver the best product possible.


The recipe of our Chocula comes directly from our grandmothers who prepared it in a wooden oven with their own hands. They passed us this secret formula on how to prepare this delicious ancestral power drink of the Mhuysqa tradition and now we want to share it with the world.

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Yakuum Health Lab offers high-quality products created in collaboration with Tierra Encantada, Yacha Muyuy Traditional Medicine Laboratory and Adopt Mother Earth. Yakuum Health Lab produces traditional medicine, beauty & hygiene products made of cacao.

Part of our profits are invested in the development of the programs of our non-profit organization Adopt Mother Earth.

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