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Change of Perspective, go from one point to another.”

During my journey, I have encountered various passions that have nourished my being ,  music, art, traditional medicine and healing, teaching, writing and business leadership.. 

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My name is Luis Tybagua, I am indigenous from the Mhuysqa tribe. I am a traditional medical practitioner with 17 years of experience as well as an alternative therapist. I also work as a tutor, lecturer and educator, offering workshops, classes and courses in various areas. I am a designer, musician, writer and entrepreneur. My vision was born from the heart and aims to provide others with my services from a universal perspective that connects our actions to the laws of nature — so we can live well on this earth.

During my creative process I have had the pleasure of being both the founder and CEO of several projects, among which are:

El Canto de La Madre Tierra Foundation — Environmentalism, Culture and Health

Tierra Encantada — Healthy Trade Network

Yakuum Cacaolate — Ancestral Medicinal Cacao

Tybagua Desing Thinker — Design Thinking, Creative Design, Alternative Pedagogies and Integral Health

Uba Sua — Community of Origin

It is my desire to be able to share the tools in which I have deepened my knowledge with you, to deliver a service that can bring growth to individuals, companies, organisations and academic institutions. With my work, I aim to contribute to the development of a humane society connected to the laws of well-being.


It is an honour and a pleasure to be able to offer my services as a traditional indigenous doctor and therapist. Over the last 17 years of my life, I have been able to deepen my knowledge about healing techniques and tools that help people to treat and heal various diseases. Health is an art and we must recognise our body as a temple and a work of art where God dwells within. In my journey I have been able to deepen my knowledge in different areas of health among which are:

Traditional Indigenous Medicine
Medical Biomagnetism
Molecular Psychology
Therapeutic Massage
Art Therapy

My aim is to unify different scientific disciplines in order to understand health from a universal perspective and to be able to attend to the various areas in which health operates (Spirit, Mind, Feeling, Emotion, Matter, Body). Through our organisation “El Canto de la Madre Tierra” (The Chant of Mother Earth) and through our integral health programme “Uba Nya” (Golden Seed) we offer health products and services — so you can take better care of your temple.


My passion is to serve, create and give life. During my process, I have encountered various obstacles and problems that I have been able to identify in society. Our society needs to rethink the current consumption and production. The institutions are failing when it comes to attending to the needs of families and individuals, leading our system and society into a crisis. But at the same time, this crisis presents itself as an opportunity to undertake and generate alternative proposals which serve human needs directly. The first human need to focus on should be putting the family as well as the individual development in the centre of each project so that our society can be organised.

It is for this reason that along my journey I have developed various projects that generate a proposal to the system from within — changing the approach completely and giving life to companies of the new humanity. It is my desire to share my experience as a businessman and entrepreneur as well as my knowledge, to be a voice for the creation of projects that take care of the family, people and nature — our home. Through the tools available to me from the knowledge of my tradition and my experience, I aim to influence at a social, cultural, health, educational, political, economic and environmental level.

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