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Holistic Health Program 
The purpose of the holistic health program is to provide medical services to people from the understanding of our ancestral cultures in complement with western knowledge. For our native cultures, health is understood in an integral way, where spiritual and psychological aspects are taken into account, sentimental, emotional and material form together with the totality of our health.


Treatments depend on the clinical condition of each patient. The treatment may vary in duration and application of tools according to the history of each patient. A personalised consultation is required for each treatment.


During the course of the therapy, Luis Tyba integrates various techniques which he has acquired during his formative training. During the session, we carry out a physical, emotional, sentimental, psychological, spiritual and physical examination to determine the patient's current condition.
The patient is examined using the techniques of scanning and consultation. We apply various techniques by impacting points on the body using tools such as acupressure, medical biomagnetism, and traditional indigenous medicine. In this way, we balance the body and its respective organs. During the therapeutic process, an etiological diagnosis of the condition or pathology is carried out in order to locate the root cause and thus provide a solution to the condition. At the same time, we seek to regulate the metabolism by balancing the body's PH to its natural level through the application of the therapy and with the help of natural botanical medicine.


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