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This health treatment from the YAKUUM HEALTH LAB uses raw, unprocessed cacao, moringa and ginger to give your body & mind a complete health & mood boost. Raw cacao contains a significant higher percentage of iron, magnesium, calcium and antioxidants than roasted cacao. The 2 superfoods moringa & ginger are stacked with nutrients & complete the treatment.


Yakuum Health Lab offers healthy products which were ellaborated in collaboration with Tierra Encantada, Yacha Muyui Traditional Medicine Laboratory and Adopt Mother Earth. Yakuum Health Lab offers traditional beauty, hygiene and natural medicine products based on organic cacao. 


✔gluten free
✔no preservatives
✔no added sugar
✔no palm oil



Raw Cacao - the key ingredient to all our products. As one of the highest natural sources of iron, magnesium, calcium and antioxidants, our raw organic cacao is a medicinal miracle to fight countless diseases and support an overall health.


Ginger - this miraculous root has been a traditional remedy in many cultures. Its curative properties are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & antiviral - for the skin, stomach & immune system. 


Moringa - the leaves of the "tree of life" are a true superfood & have been used as a traditional remedy in ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. High in iron, calcium, vitamins, fibre, protein & antioxidants - this power plant offers countless health & beauty benefits.


Benefits of Ginger:

- reduces muscle pain and soreness

- anti-inflammatory effects

- lowers blood sugars and improves heart disease risk factors

- treats indigestion

- lower cholesterol level

- prevents cancer


Benefits of Moringa: 

- source of plant-based protein

- better vision

- strong immune system

- balances hormones & reduces stress

- protects the liver

- fights inflammation

- balances blood sugar

- supports brain health & fights depression


Benefits of Raw Cacao: 

- prevents cataracts
- keeps your brain healthy
- strengthens your bones
- works as a natural antidepressant
- improves your blood circulation
- lowers your blood pressure
- natural source of antioxidants
- high in iron, magnesium, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals

Raw Cacao, Moringa & Ginger 20-Day Treatment - Natural Medicine

  • Ingredients: Raw Cacao, Ginger, Moringa

    Size: 60 Capsules (20-day complete treatment)

    Application: For an intense health treatment we recommend 3 capsules a day. For a general health support we recommend 1 capsule per day.

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