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The basis of our proposal as a path of self-knowledge lies in the study of a universal idea — the idea of being ‘people people’. This is the way of the Mhuysqa tradition.

This core idea teaches us how to live harmoniously together in this world. Our universal mindset is inclusive of all ways of thinking — we are plants that coexist and grow together in the garden of the universe. By entering into communication with our territory and its sacred plants, we start to live in harmony with all that surrounds us.

This communication is achieved through the practice of our traditions, which preserve the ways of living coherently with ourselves, the world, nature, society and the whole universe. Our study aims to decode the book of knowledge that is contained in nature and pass it on to mankind. Every plant, every mountain, every river contains information that offers us guidance and advice — which we need to live well on this earth.

Our bible is the earth.

Our heart connects with the heart of the earth, the world and the universe. Only in this way we can become one with the wholeness of creation. Through the transformation of the negative aspects of our life and being, we are able to see the light that dwells in each of us.

Return to the earth, return to the air, return to the fire, return to the water — this is the advice we give to humanity. This is the only way to return to simplicity and to understand the mystery of life and each of the blessings that God has given us.

Our most important temple is our body. If we start to study our human nature in-depth, we will be able to understand how to take care of ourselves and live in peace and respect within this temple.

We strive to reconnect the human being to the natural world.

If we recognize the solar star inside of us, we will be able to return to the womb of mother earth and live in balance with all the races, plants, animals and wisdom of this world.


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