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Spirituality is a private and intimate process that leads us to the transformation of ourselves trough achieving awareness of our actions. Human beinfs have become accustomed to classifying and dividing the world by definitions and concepts. This can lead us to live our spirituality in a wrong and disconnected way in our daily life. True spirituality is not something that can be understood or shown. Spirituality is a hidden path within ourselves that will help us to see in a more conscious way our actions in everyday life. In this way we direct our attention to our behavior to acquire the tool to be able to transform these behavior into harmony and service for ourselves and everything around us.

Through conscious practice our goal of becoming better people, showing all the love we feel for ourselves by bringing our being to its fullest splendor. The inner process of transfiguration will lead us to be aware of our body and soul and to realize that we have a heart that seeks peace trough service.

Being better people has a meaning and its called family, race, alliance.

We work to be better and to be able to serve each other in a better way.


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