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UBA SUA (traditional Mhuysqa language for “seed of the sun”) is a medicine community of conscious beings which seeks to transform body, mind and soul through the use of ancient knowledge of indigenous communities and various spiritual techniques.

Service, Heart and pure love

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UBA SUA forms a strategic alliance with the health network TIERRA ENCANTADA and the non-profit organisation EL CANTO DE LA MADRE TIERRA in order to offer activities, retreats, conferences, consultations, workshops and various tools for the evolution of the human being. UBA SUA is a community that seeks to recover the cultural methods which re-connect us with nature. Our objective is to develop a holistic spirituality that will help us to live a fulfilled and healthy life in balance with the laws of nature. Under the organisation EL CANTO DE LA MADRE TIERRA we have been doing research for over 10 years in indigenous communities, in the areas of environmentalism, culture and health. At the same time, we have been starting the recovery of the local MHUYSQA culture in the cities and the countryside. This allows us to have a broad vision and to be able to apply the knowledge of these 2 worlds.


Marielle from Berlin, Germany

Thank you so much for your warm and open heart! 🌞
In the retreat, I learned a lot about the different medicinal plants and the culture of Colombia. It was a weekend full of love where we all shared our happiness. The work with Sikui Tibagua and the family helped me a lot to find out who I really am and that we're all here for a reason. I'm looking forward to you coming back and for us to see each other again. In Love, Marielle 🦋


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